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About Me, 


My name is Kayla Middleton and I grew up In Jersey City, New Jersey. Jersey city is a very big part of me, although I no longer live there.  I graduated from Montclair State University and studied: social work, makeup artistry and Art/ Design. 


ART / Art as Therapy

I started out drawing but decided not to limit myself. I now make, customized paintings,  murals, designs for other business and offer numerous services. 

Before I actually started going to therapy, art was my therapy. I always promote art as therapy because it is a healthy coping mechanism. Art supplies are so convenient and some are inexpensive, therefore it is accessible.  

Everyone should try art as therapy. 



The real question is, why not? 

In 2006, I realized I had a "thing" for art. I was only about seven years old, but I knew that art gave me peace and made me happy. My parents were very supportive and started buying me sketch books, markers and almost anything else to help me activate and practice my gift. I was very inconsistent with my art while growing up, because of society, and the idea that being a successful artist was almost impossible. In Middle school, my school had a Dr. Seuss event and my art teacher asked me and a couple of other students to draw for the event. I was so honored. 

For high school, I moved to a small town, everyone knew each other, and I knew no one. This forced me to become more active and involved in art because I did not have anyone to talk to or hang out with. My sophmore year in highschool, I took an art class because it was a requirement.. but my teacher was extremely supportive of me and my gift that I knew I had to do something with it. So I practiced and practiced my gift.

My freshman year in College I made an art page, and I really struggled with the name of it. "Kayla's Art" wasn't going to cut it for me. But then I thought "PiecesofKaylaa" because my art was a piece of me. The more support I received, I knew "PiecesofKaylaa" was going to be more than just an instagram page. I knew I had to make it a place where people could go and get a piece made, not just a piece for them; but a piece of them. I 


Facepainting/ Makeup

Makeup is a form of art. 

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