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Girl in Pieces

Kathleen Glasgow


Where do I even begin with this one. In this novel, you watch a seventeen year old grow and push through life. Charlotte, the main character, self harms and after getting help, she still constantly fights the urge (some days are succesfull). Everyday is a different battle. Life has not been too kind to Charlotte and her heart is tired of being broken, her body is tired of fighting and she's in pieces.

Charlotte, is forced to deal with consequences from her past, while also attempting to make a new future (like most of us). A beautiful mess indeed describes Charlotte and her story. This novel is often compared to “Girl, Interrupted“ by Susanna Kaysen and “All the bright places” by Jennifer Niven. My heart ached for Charlotte and I personally wanted to jump inside the book and be the friend she truly needed and ultimately found in the end.

Favorite quotes

“I’m so tired of drunk and desperate”

“You must have a million stories inside you”

”I was alone and did what I had to do”

”I’m scared because I don’t know how to be with people, but I don’t know how to be alone either”


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